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Computer Checks for QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree and more!


For clean, legible checks, consider any of our terrific laser checks made to work with inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers in addition to common software accounting programs such as QuickBooks Checks and Peachtree. Our checks are a natural blank design, feature 24-pound paper and feature all your pertinent business information on the left hand corner. Add your company logo to any check free of charge.

New financial software makes recordkeeping neat and easy and with  checks your accounting tasks will run smooth and efficiently. Being able to proofread check details on a monitor screen lets you avoid common typos and spelling errors that can be flagged by a bank and hold up the deposit and cashing of a check. With printed a check you’ll never have clerical issues again.



History of Printing Computer Checks

The emergence of the computer check cam about with the advent of various accounting software options. As software options such as QuickBooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money became popular, computer checks became more sought after. Businesses saw a large number of advantages of the computer check in comparison to the printed business check.


The computer checks came with a convenience that everyone wanted. Senior authorized people suddenly found that they did not have to sign dozens of checks on end since computerized signatures could be used. These checks could also be customized to suit the business requirements.


Checks that are printed on computer do not require any introduction today. Any check that you may receive as part of a contest win, salary, dividends paid from stocks or any such volume handling is likely to be a computer check. In fact there are many printing companies that specialize in creating customized checks on computers with logos, tag lines and watermarks too.


The format of the computer check can also be chosen by the business based on the specific requirement. Typically computer checks come in the form of a sheet of paper that can be folded into three parts. The actual check can be printed on the top part, the middle part or the lower part too. Once the details of the company, the address, bank details routing information, account number are fed in, multiple copies can be printed immediately.


These checks can be fed into the printer to print the names of the payee, the amount and the electronic signature from the QuickBook, Quicken or an accounting software database.



From Credit Notes and Manual Checks to Computer Checks


The journey of checks from the promissory notes that they were centuries ago to what we know them as is extremely interesting. The manner in which the use of checks developed across various parts of the world is different.


Early Beginnings


The use of checks as a means of payment has been in use for more time than you can imagine. While exact dates are not known, it is estimated that this tool may have been devised by the Romans in 352 B.C. Persians also used instruments that resembled the modern day checks. They called them ‘Chaks’. Muslins have been known to use it in the 9th century A.D. Europeans made use of something similar to traveler’s checks when they went on a trip to the Holy Land when they deposited money with The Knights Templar.


Checks in Europe


Checks in a form similar to what we see today, appeared in Holland. From here, this practice spread to the rest of Europe. This system was derived from the ‘Bill of Exchange’ and allowed non-resident citizens to make payments without having to be present physically. The new system had loopholes and many frauds took place. The use of checks was also prohibited for a certain period of time in the late 1520’s too. England was relatively late in adopting this system. It was only around the 1650’s that checks started to make an appearance on the scene. When the British government suspended the distribution of paper money in the 1750’s, use of checks became necessary and commonplace.


Check in the United States


Checks came to the United States from England but some changes had to be made when the country became independent. The checks became more popular in the US after the Civil War. National Banking Acts created federally charted banks that worked together. After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, check payments could also be made via telegraph wire. However, checks became safer after the creation of the MICR system in 1959. Automatic clearing houses were also created to handle the large volumes of checks being written and generated for the system to handle.


Payment Instruments over the Years - Summary





Used in time period


Medieval Bill of Exchange

Used to instruct a business partner to pay a foreign party in another location

1200 to 1600


Local Check

Used to instruct bank to pay third party

1400 to present day


Negotiable Bill of Exchange (BOE)

Instruction to business to pay third party

1600 to 20th century


Inland Bill of Exchange / Trade Acceptances

Negotiable BOE for domestic payments

1650 – 20th century



Negotiable IOU given by bank

1700 to date


Documentary Bill

Negotiable BOE when goods were shipped to cover payment

19th century in the US


Sight Draft

BOE payable on demand

19th century in the US


Bankers Acceptance

Negotiable BOE drawn on bank

Late 19th century to early 20th century


Bank Draft

Check drawn by a bank with correspondent bank

Late 19th century to early 20th century


Check (global)

Instruction to bank to pay third party

Late 19th century to date



 Computer Checks


As checks became popular, the volumes that banks and financial institutions needed to process became much larger. As software accounting packages started to emerge, printed computer checks became an obvious next step. To avoid fraud and scams, various security measures were also introduced on the printed computer check. These included logo checks, specific grade paper, Optical Deterrent Technology, chemically reactive security bond paper, fluorescent fibers, micro printing, warning borders, security screen backers and true watermark.


Advantages of Using Computer Checks


Moving over to computer checks has been extremely convenient for business. Some of the advantages that you stand to gain when you start using computer checks include:


Save time – For people who need to write large number of checks, computer checks are a great boon. All that you need to do is create a summary of the payments that need to be made and hot enter. Large volumes of checks get printed in a matter of minutes.


Keep records – When you create computer checks, you do not need to keep a separate record of when the check was written. You can find the date the check was issued by looking at the history in your accounting software.


Handle payroll internally – Businesses that have adopted computer checks have realized that they do not need external payroll companies to manage salary payments. This can be done within minutes once the payment structure is created and standardized.


Avoid check returns – When you print a computer check using accounting software, there is a minimal chance that the check will be returned due to missing information. In addition to that, you never have to take a check back due to illegible writing.


Security – Computer checks are far more secure than manual checks since they are equipped with various security options that make scanning and copying a check impossible.


How to Move from Manual Checks to Computer Checks


It is obvious that the benefits of computer checks far outweigh those of manual checks. However, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind when are making the change. The first thing that you will need is accounting software that supports check printing. It is best to get one of the popular accounting software options like QuickBooks, Microsoft Money or PeachTree. These specific computer checks are available at most online check printers too.


There are different kinds of checks that you can print with software like QuickBooks. These include voucher checks, standard checks, office and away checks and wallet checks. 

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