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Labels: Address & Mailing Return Labels, Shipping & Packing Sheet Labels
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For nearly all storage, mailing, identification, or office needs, there’s a label. Our selection encompasses several sets and types extending from personal to business uses, transparent to full color, and blank to fully customized with unique graphics. With a variety of products and custom services, Printez has all your label needs covered!

Why repeatedly write your return address on letters and bills when you can simply and conveniently stick on a label? Because of the popularity of address labels, we cover a broad spectrum of tastes and types. Find mailing and address labels for your business, and sets for home and personal uses. All clearly display your name and address on a white or colored background.

Beyond basic mailings, labels are essential to several businesses, including retail establishments and offices. Pricing is a necessity for many stores, and we offer the right formats. But, as labeling needs vary, don’t feel confined by a specific format or text. With rolls and sheets of blank labels available, our selection considers your flexibility and varying demands. To organize, price, or ship without text or number restrictions, write on or print out a set in accordance with your expectations.

From checks to forms to envelopes, Printez provides all stationery and documents for improving business and personal efficiency. For even better streamlining, why not couple your order with a set of personalized, customized, or blank labels?