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Business Envelope Printing ,envelopes for business - Wide Range of  Options

Business envelope printing can help you get the right kind of look for all your business communication. You do not have to use boring un-printed envelopes when you have the capability to print on envelopes conveniently and easily. If you want to print envelopes for business use with your company logo at no extra cost, you have come to the right place. Here at PrintE-Z we make printing on envelopes an art. The numbers of options that you can find for printing business envelopes are many. You can find business envelopes, window envelopes, mailing envelopes, return address envelopes, self-seal envelopes, recycled paper envelopes, tax envelopes, reply envelopes and more. Each of these categories has different sizes and different styles that are sure to satisfy your business correspondence needs.

Print Business Envelopes in Your Own Style

Customizing business envelope printing for your company is one the most convenient and attractive offerings from PrintE-Z. Not only can you use the logo of your company on the white envelope, you can also specify the exact location where you want the company logo to be placed. Provide the right inputs and you should have professionally printed envelopes for any kind of mailing that you may need. Make sure that you ask for a digital copy that you can approve to be sure that you are getting what you want in business envelope printing. This is especially necessary when you are ordering in bulk.

Printed Business Envelopes at Your Doorstep

With online business online printing, you can get your envelopes delivered to you at your doorstep. Standard envelopes generally take a few days while the custom ones may take a few days longer. Make sure that you review the date of delivery for your order and be there to accept the parcel for safety. The parcel can also be delivered at the apartment concierge if you make arrangements and leave a signed letter with the concerned person. You can also track the order in your account so you know exactly when the package will reach you.

History of Printing Envelopes

While letters go back a long time in history, envelopes were made by till the mid 1940’s. In the early days, letters were folded and a wax seal was used to attach the two together. If the letter was received with the seal intact, one could be sure that it had not been tampered with. Over time, people started to make handmade mailing covers envelopes to slip the letter in. However, the first machine made envelope was developed only in 1945.


A patent was granted to Edwin Hill and Warren De La Rue by the British government for an envelope making machine that required rectangular shaped paper to be fed in. The machine would fold the rectangle in the manner required and seal it in the middle leaving one flap open to insert the letter in. This basic envelope making machine did not have any adhesive and the onus of closing the envelope was on the sender.


Over time, envelope making machines that pre-treated the envelope with adhesive started being used. This meant that the user only needed to wet the adhesive to close the open flap once the letter had been inserted.


Today the variety of envelopes that can be found has increased dramatically. There are business mail covers that are created to fit different sizes of paper, window mail covers that obviate the need of handwriting the address of the recipient and the sender, cash covers that can be used to keep track of the denominations, plastic covers that prove to be great for sending confidential material that cannot be risked and custom mail covers too.


Envelopes are also used as advertising material by companies that get their logo and tag line pre-printed on them. With the use of customization, this process can be outsourced to printing companies that cary out the task professionally.

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